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FL Studio Producer Edition 11.0.2 x86(x32bit)
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FL Studio Producer Edition 11.0.2 x86(x32bit) Installer 2010kaiser

2013-06-04 15:47:47 GMT
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        FL Studio Producer Edition 11.0.2 x86(x32bit) - 2010kaiser



FL Studio 11 - The most popular professional editor and sequencer for writing music. Music created by recording audio information or MIDI-material. The finished composition can be written in the format of WAV, MP3 or OGG.
Previously, the program called Fruity Loops.

The main elements of FL Studio:

- Step Sequencer - enables you to quickly create and edit loops, adding new sound generators (channels) and delete unwanted ones;
- Piano Roll - a two-dimensional grid, the vertical axis which postponed the level of the pitch, the horizontal - the time has more features than the step sequenser;
- Playlist - allows you to place created in Step Sequenser or Piano Roll loops, or have the sound files;
- Mixer - are placed ins and effects;
- Sample Browser - easy access to audio files, plugins and settings.

FL Studio is the track (pattern) sequencer, where making music is a Piano Roll, Step Sequencer, and then assembles a box Playlist. There is a wide range of ready tools and a variety of effects which may be employed in real time.
The main component of the project the composition - the generator (a channel).
Generator synthesizes or reproduces sound. Generators in the project composition can be unlimited. Each generator has its own settings, unique sound that simulates every tool. For generators are programmed musical score, written in the Piano Roll. The scores in FL Studio have infinite length. Pieces of scores (patterns) are added in sequence (located in the correct order in the playlist) in the Playlist. Each sound generator may be processed by a plurality of plug-effects.
As the generator can be connected to any VST or DXi plug-in.

Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition 11.0.2 x86
Release Date: 05.2013
Version: 11.0.2
Developer: Image-Line
Website Developer:

System requirements:

-Bit: x86(x32bit).
-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.
-2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support.
-512 Mb RAM.
-300 Mb disk space

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what is the password ?

What P/W??? None of my torrents are or ever have been P/W protected.
If you don't know what your doing. Go to the link below and ask someone who does before posting misleading comments:

Password...?...lol....// everything ok...nice ...works on my Win 8 pro x86....dont forget to block it in your Firewall...thanks Kaiser..
whats the pSword
This shows up as the demo version for me.... wtf
put every thing a side wats song name when running the setup. btw it works 101% stop whining that it is not work its the best setup without any chores.
put every thing a side wats song name when running the setup. btw it works 101% stop whining that it is not work its the best setup without any chores.
the best setup ever without any chores stop whining and use some common sense. put every thing aside wats the name of the song while running setup.
why the hell I am unable to see my comments I am keep submitting comments and comments r also increasing but I cant see my comments :S

Ryan Sheridan - JigSaw

Look him up on YouTube

Do you know why the installation keeps failing for me? It alllmost completes, but then it has an error extracting different files. Ive ran the installation multiple times and it sometimes fails at different parts. As of recently, it fails extracting drum synth.dll. before that it was the soundfont player.
Last time I tried opening the program it still opened, but some elements and instrument synths werent installed so they wouldnt work. Im running it as administrator on a win 7 x64 bit system. Any ideas? I normally dont run into compatability issues and it seems most people here DL'ed it fine..

I can't see any reason why there would be compatibility issues or why your getting the errors/failed install your getting?
My only suggestion would be to delete/remove all traces of previous failed installs from your rig (including registry).
Then boot into Safe Mode and do the install from there.
So? Why is a Password used to encrypt the installer? This is 7-Zip installer with Password.

Tell the pwd that we can thrust you.

But i think its the thing because run as adm...

You have spend an suprise in addition.. right?
The installer is an executable - right...
On the other hand, the installer is a 7-zip install package that is password protected.

Of course I can install your file. But why did it all packed into your own installer and protected with a password? Congratulations to all who have downloaded this Surprise.
Who also does not trust the download, you can start the whole thing in Sandboxie.
There in Sandboxie working folder are the original unpacked files.
Who also does not trust the download, you can start the whole thing in Sandboxie.
There in Sandboxie working folder are the original unpacked files.

fyi it's not 7-zip install package..
he create the installer with AutoPlay Media Studio..
AMS create zip installer with random password..
he/you/me never know the password, AMS know.
look for folder something like this if you want to see the unpacked file..
i suppose this is only the main application ,but can you upload the compatible plugins ? Sytrus,slycex, fruity plugins, vocoder, etc etc ?
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